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Covid – Did you make the right business decision?

Covid and the change in the business community has brought some things to the fore for many business owners. Choosing who to ask to work from home, who to furlough and who can’t you work without? Can your business survive financially, is there still a market for me and can I, should I change my business model?

Our experience from talking to our clients throughout the pandemic is that business owners didn’t really think about it. They panicked and just put everyone on furlough or asked them to work from home. We suspect that this was the wrong decision for many of our clients and very definitely wrong for their employees.

Was there due consideration for the employee’s personal circumstances? For example, did you expect the single parent to work from home, to carry on doing their work surrounded by their family, trying to balance work and home schooling and did you furlough that single person, who lives alone and who would have welcomed working to keep them occupied and interacting with you and your customers?

If you add this consideration to what your business and customers needed, did you really do the right thing?

We all go into business to make a living, to create jobs, to fill a gap in the market and this pandemic has changed all that for so many people. We’ve always had to drive our business forward haven’t we as let’s be fair, standing still is actually going backwards. We have to keep moving forward, keep evolving, keep asking more of our employees so we can progress to that next level. But in these uncertain times is that pushing you and your employees too hard. Are you in danger of losing key employees, which means that those who are left pick up the slack?

Time to sit and really look at your business, we’ve gone through a hard 6 months of lockdown and we just about got through it but as it looks ever likely that we’re going to go through another lockdown, now is the time to really LOOK at your business, involve your employees in the thinking process. What can you do differently? Could this be the opportunity to take your business to THE next level in a different way?

As well as including your employees in the process you should also involve your trusted advisers; your accountant, your business coach, your HR specialist, your marketeer and in some cases your family, it affects them too.

Changing your business model could actually be better for your bottom line. You just need to sit and plan it, do some research, consult those it affects; your employees and your customers, don’t forget their world has changed too.

If you’d like some advice on where to take your business now, please contact us for a chat, first meeting is always free.


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