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Nine weeks since the world changed…

On the 16th March we decided to close our offices to visitors, not only to protect our employees but also to protect our clients from Coronavirus. It’s hard to comprehend the changes that have happened in those 9 weeks because everything seems to have stayed the same for so many.

I though I would give a little update on where we are, what we’re doing and how we’re continuing to assist our clients in these horrid times.


As our CEO and Principal Accountant, Adam has been working tirelessly in the background ensuring the accounts and tax deadlines are met and speaking to clients on a daily basis, advising them on CBILS, Bounce Back Loans, Grants and such like. The advice he has been giving to clients has been given for free because as a company we decided that helping clients was more important to us than increasing our turnover.
Some clients have been challenging to say the least, asking the same question in 4 different ways and still Adam has assisted them, guided them and held their hands.

What Adam says…
The crisis facing the whole of the UK has impacted the majority of our clients and I am particularly proud of the way that we have been able to support them each step of the way. We may not always have had the answers straight away but we have worked tirelessly to bring the information to them as soon as possible.

What our clients say…
Sometimes you need help, sometimes it is advice and occasionally you just need to hear a voice of reason that gives you both! Thanks to Adam and Kath we have survived this crisis so far and if we get through to the other side intact, it will be with their invaluable help and guidance. – Mark, Caerphilly Training Solutions Limited


Our MD has been getting to grips with the furlough scheme, the CJRS claims and assisting our clients with regards to their employees. The guidance from HMRC was sketchy to say the least and was difficult to follow and of course clients were keen to get their claims in and paid almost as soon as the portal opened. To date we have submitted 99.9% of the claims up to the end of April and are working with our clients to claim May in the next 10 days or so. Again we have not charged our clients for this service, supporting our clients is by far our biggest focus.
As well as all this, Kath pushes the growth and the future of the company and has been implementing a new back end system to further improve our efficiencies. There has been some teething problems but we are proud to announce that shortly our clients will be invited to sign up to an exclusive online portal where they can pass information back and forth in a secure manner using their own personal account.

What Kath says…
These last 9 weeks have indeed been a challenge. In the beginning keeping up with the constant changes from government seemed to be a 24 hour job but thankfully we have put systems and processes in place to ensure that we are working smart for our clients. I am proud of the team for meeting their own challenges head on and for keeping the height of professionalism when times were tough.

What our clients say…
During this unprecedented time we have received continuous updates and support from the Seamount Team. We have really appreciated the assistance we had for the CJRS claims which not only meant peace of mind but also prompt payment by HMRC. Thank you so much and we would always recommend Seamount Accountancy.Nicola, NSM Training & Consultancy Ltd


HMRC are still expecting VAT returns to be submitted and Jordan has been working closely with our clients to ensure that their deadline is met even though payment is deferred until 2021.
She has been speaking to clients and scheduling calls when clients have needed to speak to either Adam or Kath regarding support. Jordan has the knack of knowing what a client needs and assists them to the highest efficiency.

What Jordan says…
The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought about some new challenges for our clients, and for us as a team. During the time, I have been more conscious then ever to provide a reassuring voice at the end of the telephone whilst assisting the other members of the team wherever possible. This time has shown us that we are indeed a great team and will work hard to provide our clients with as much support as we can.

What our clients say…
As a small business it’s imperative for us to get our VAT Return completed so that we can manage our funds and plan our forecast for the next year during this uncertain time. Jordan has been instrumental in getting the VAT return turned around quickly so we can start to make some key decisions. Thank You Jordan and Seamount ! – Claire, Lillieum Ltd


At the beginning of this crisis Jonathan was taken ill and was self-isolating and since his return he has been diligently completing the bookkeeping for our sole trade clients. Whilst he was away Adam had cleared all the tax tasks and the shelf for tax was empty and since his return Jonathan has filled it back up again, much to the horror of Adam! He works closely with our sole trade clients to ensure that their self-assessment tax returns can be completed quickly so they know what their tax bill is likely to be in January 2021.

What Jonathan says…
During this time Adam and Kath had become very busy with helping clients directly with advice regarding COVID I have learnt many new skills to reduce the time spent by them on producing accounts and to increase the amount of work completed before passing it on to them, therefore making the process of finishing a client’s accounts as efficient as possible during the current crisis. I think we have coped with the crisis by keeping our heads up and focusing on the tasks at hand. We’ve all done our jobs to the best of our abilities and in turn, helped our clients as much as we can during these tough times.

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